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Fully Autonomous Fundraising

We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Fundraising

Our Mission:

To create and accelerate the advancement of autonomous fundraising technology and mimic the cognitive functions of a fundraising staff to amplify the mission of every nonprofit organization changing the world. By the end of 2024.


A different approach.

What is Version2

Version2 is the first AI research and design lab specifically focused on advancing fundraising in the nonprofit sector. By the end of 2024, our goal is to have our AI both successfully and autonomously manage a portfolio of donors, similar to the way a traditional fundraiser would. This means that our AI will take a set of 1,000 prospects, narrow that list down to around 200 donors through a permission-based opt-in discovery processes, qualify each donor, build a relationship with the donor by establishing a cadence of autonomous and personalized engagement touch points, make a natural solicitation, close a gift, and execute two to three points of stewardship with the donor that break through the digital barriers of AI. All autonomously with no human intervention.

What We're Testing

Our R&D is focused on proving that autonomous fundraising is possible by redefining traditional moves-management sequences. We believe that autonomous fundraisers should act as trusted liaisons between donors and institutions in ways that are similar but different than traditional fundraisers. The ultimate goal is for a gift to be the natural outcome of an autonomous engagement process. 

By breaking through digital barriers, we will build the first fully functional autonomous fundraiser that can guide donors through personalized engagement, gift discovery, gift solicitation and stewardship processes so each donor is able to give to the causes they care most about in the way they can make the biggest impact. 

Transparent Opt-in

Autonomous Engagements

Gift Education

Gift Discovery

Gift Execution


The Challenge In Numbers





+ $1

Donation Increase



Join our early access program

Redefining the boundaries of fundraising requires pioneers.  V2 is currently seeking nonprofit organizations of all sizes to partner with our team and participate in groundbreaking research and development that will have a direct impact on the future of nonprofit fundraising.  

Be in touch and let's change the world together. 

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